Thanks for signing the Direct Debit Mandate.

Below is a list of step for the next actions.



Invoices will be sent out monthly in advance on or around the 27th of the month. The invoice will be for information only as payment will be collected by Direct Debit.

After month 6 the programme will continue at the reduced price of £150 + VAT pcm unless cancelled with 30 days notice (as per terms and conditions)

Once the Direct Debit is signed we will schedule a date for the first video meeting, this initial meeting will likely last up to 2 hrs. Subsequent meetings should last around 1 hr


Your Tasks Prior to 1st Meeting


Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

The first thing we will need to work on will the BHAG
The BHAG drives everything else, all other activity, aims, objectives plans etc. This will primarily be your responsibility to define. I can guide and help but at the end of the day its really about what you want.
An example for a BHAG might be
By January 2025 your company will be a fully managed business comprising of at least four homecare branches and 10 supported living houses, with a total turnover of £4m and a profit (EBITDA) of £400,000 p.a. It will be valued at 5 x EBITDA giving it a total valuation of £2m (£400k x 5)”
This is obviously just an example and something I just made up, it’s up to you to define what your BHAG will be. I will help you with that


Personal Goals

These are key to defining the BHAG. What is it you want out of life. This matters as its the reason for doing everything. It also matters as it defines how the business is built and what structure it will take. For example, the personal goals of other clients have been
  • To be mortgage-free in 10 years
  • To earn a post-tax income of £70k per year within 3 years
  • To reduce working hours to 30 hrs per week within 1 year
  • To spend more time with family
  • To have at least 3 family holidays per year
  • To be in a position to retire by 40
Once we know your personal goals we can set the BHAG that will easily achieve them.
From the BHAG we then set the business goals that need to be achieved in order to achieve the BHAG.
From the Business Goals, we create a business plan and other plans and systems such as
  • Business Plan
  • Recruitment Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Quality Plan
  • Staff Development and Training Plan
  • A Set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Reports and Returns system based on KPIs

Following the first sessions, I will develop a set of goals and actions to be completed at each monthly mentoring session so you will have a clear idea about what we will be doing going forward.


Your Tasks For 1st Session


Before the first session, you have the following tasks to complete or at least work on

  • Define your Personal Goals
  • Develop an outline BHAG (we will work on that more closely on the first meeting)
  • Gather the financial info listed on the attached sheet
  • Start on the attached reading list

I’m really looking forward to working with you, exciting times ahead.

Teaching methods helped with retention and understanding of information

Reablement Support Worker | Nexxus Care

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