Business Builder Programme for Homecare

Care Skilled Business Builder Programme

The Business Builder Programme is designed for new entrants into the sector and/or domiciliary care businesses who want to grow significantly, whilst retaining quality and their sanity!


An Exclusive Growth Workshop and Mentoring Programme for Domiciliary Care


  • Grow your domiciliary care business
  • Get better CQC ratings
  • Win tenders
  • Move into new markets
  • Recruit more staff
  • Retain more staff

Ongoing coaching will involve a 1 hr session per month for; advice, mentoring, goal setting, planning, market research, etc in order for customers to achieve their goals. Customers can use this time for a 1-2-1 session via Skype/Zoom or I can undertake specific projects such as market research, training development etc.  The first session is a two-hour session to define what you are trying to achieve and then we set the goals from that. We will set targets and you will report those targets on a weekly or monthly basis. 


Keeping Your Plan on Track and Achieving Your Goals

The purpose of the Business Builder Programme is to enable you to grow your domiciliary care business, become more profitable and work towards and Outstanding CQC rating

  • Set goals
  • Set a timeline to them
  • Set targets to achieve those goals
  • Activity Plan & Forecasts
  • Activity Tracker
  • Rolling goal/action forecast
  • Weekly reports – what 3 actions you will focus on for the following month

Whilst the purpose is to primarily act as a motivator and coach to help you set and then achieve your goals, there will be additional benefits. In addition to the dedicated monthly session, I will also be available for ad hoc questions and advice via email, text or WhatsApp at any time throughout the month. (the service many of you have already been getting for free as I have undertaken other work for you). This can be used for technical questions, care-related, compliance-related or business-related etc, anything at all really. If I can’t answer a question immediately, Care Skilled has a network of over 40 Associates who are experts in their fields, so an answer is never very far away. This is an amazing opportunity to get access to some of the best advice currently in the care sector. 


Advantages of a Coach/Mentor


  • Hold you to your goals
  • Brainstorm & bounce ideas
  • Sense check your plans
  • Additional experience (I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to)

This is a minimum 6-month programme, payable monthly. After the first 6 months, it rolls over to a one month notice, so you can cancel at any time if you wish. 


Grow Your Dom Care Business

If you wish to join the programme and kick start your growth, please just get in touch and we can set a date for the first 2hr planning session (the first session is still only charged at one hour, as the first hour is free).


Early Bird Discount

There is an early bird discount price  for the first 10 who sign up. 


Call Us

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What’s Your Homecare Business Worth ?

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