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Mock CQC Inspection

Get ahead of your next CQC inspection so you can achieve an Outstanding rating


The CQC increasingly wants to see that you, as a care provider, are carrying out regular, independent audits and quality control checks. But it’s a time-consuming task and one that needs to be executed consistently to provide meaningful results. That’s where a Care Skilled mock CQC inspection and clinical audit can make all the difference, giving you the chance to identify and address any areas of concern or improvement before the CQC comes calling, while also demonstrating that you are committed to improvement and excellence.

Our audit and compliance services are underpinned by more than 20 years’ experience as a provider of residential and domiciliary care. We’ve been where you are and understand the challenges you’re facing. This experience is what makes us uniquely able to help you identify opportunities to improve.


How does a mock CQC inspection work?


Our inspections are carried out in line with the latest CQC guidelines and will assess how well your care home scores across the 5 key lines of enquiry: is your organisation safe, is it effective, is your team caring, are you responsive to people’s needs and is your business well-led?

On the day of your mock CQC inspection, we will gather evidence for your mock CQC rating from a number of sources, just as a real CQC inspector would. This includes:

  • observing your team
  • observing your service users
  • conducting interviews with your office staff, carers and family members of service users
  • looking at documentation, such as care plans
  • inspecting your premises.

We aim to minimise disruption to your staff and will only interview them at times convenient to them, ensuring you can continue providing dedicated care for your service users during our visit.

After your mock CQC inspection, we’ll produce a report for you in CQC format with a recommended plan of action to close any gaps or resolve any issues that we’ve identified. If you need extra support, we offer a wide range of specialist consultancy and training to help you succeed in achieving and maintaining an outstanding level of service.

With a mock CQC inspection, you can get a fresh perspective on your delivery of care, get a head start on resolving any issues before your next official CQC inspection and empower your staff to face future CQC inspections with confidence.


What clinical audits do we provide?


Our comprehensive clinical audits cover a range of key areas, including:

  • medicine management
  • infection prevention and control
  • safeguarding
  • end of life care
  • falls
  • patient deterioration
  • tissue viability
  • catheter and continence promotion
  • nutrition
  • patient experience
  • effective workforce.

Regular audits of these key areas will ensure you stay up to date on the latest compliance issues and demonstrate your commitment to client wellbeing.

Remember, many people will look at a care provider’s accreditations before they even arrange a visit when choosing care for themself or a loved one. High compliance ratings will reassure them that you’ve got what it takes to give service users the best possible stay at your care home.


Call 0333 444 5344 or email to find out more about our mock CQC inspections and clinical audits.

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