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Taking a Marketing Approach to Care Staff Recruitment

Care staff recruitment is a major issue, therefore a concern for every care provider. The sector has a recruitment crisis. Creative and planned recruitment is vital. This podcast hears Care Skilled’s MD Simon Crowther talking about applying a marking ethos, in order to drive up recruitment success. Simon talks with Dr Helen Sanderson of Wellbeing Teams about adopting marketing principles in order to drive up recruitment success.

If marketing is about finding and keeping customers, then applied to care it becomes about finding and keeping staff. 

In this podcast, Simon talks about applying the 7Ps of marketing to finding and keeping care staff

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • People
  • Process
  • Physical Evidence

Competition for staff is especially intense in the care sector. Nearly half of care workers leave their jobs with a year. There are over 100,000 care jobs currently vacant. Skills for Care estimate that around 650,000 extra jobs will be needed by 2035. The care organisation that will survive, will be the ones who can attract staff. 

How will you get the staff you need? 

By applying the “7Ps” of Marketing to recruitment, the aim is to put the social care career opportunities in front of people who are not looking or thinking about a career in care. Then convince those potential care staff to buy into the idea of a career in care. 

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Click here to go to Dr Helen Sanderson’s Soundcloud page and hear more of her care podcasts 


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